Offcourse4x4 Article

Replaced Tie Rod Ends

While filming the Adventure series, our vehicles are subject to heavy impacts and excessive wear. The Cruiser started to sound and feel unhealthy, shaking of the steering wheel as well as abnormal vibration under Japie’s feet. Japie had been feeling uneasy and decided to investigate. Upon investigation the Cruiser revealed a cracked bushing along with some crucial looking Tie Rod Ends.

If a tie rod breaks while you’re driving you can cause a bad front end alignment, worst case scenario lose control of your vehicle and crash. So Japie had no other choice but to get the parts replaced ASAP. We were sent Tie Rod Ends from our friend, Marinus at Terrain tamer in Bloemfontein and had them fitted to the Cruiser soon thereafter. We are eagerly excited to say that these Terrain Tamer, Tie Rod Ends will be tested under extreme conditions, all thanks to Terrain Tamer. If 4x4 is part of your hobby list we recommend to regularly do check-ups and wheel alignments on your vehicle for your own safety.