Offcourse4x4 Article

Risky recovery leads BROKEN recovery!

At Karee Krans we had to do a massive recovery in order to get the Defender up the hill and prevent it from sliding back down, which could cause the Defender to possibly lose control and dangerously roll down the hill. With Johan’s Jeep loosing traction causing the wheels the slide on the loose rocks, Japie had to jump in at the same time with his winch, to keep the Jeep steady. The odds were against them as gravity was pulling them down the hill, causing a lot of weight and strain on the winch rope and eventually causing it to snap.

With a quick switch to a snatch strap they battled again and eventually managed to pull the Defender through the difficult and dangerous obstacle. One thing Weier does not lack is guts, we were just relieved that no one got hurt and no vehicles were damaged. In the end all that was lost was a winch rope.